About KMG Consultation

Serving Those in Ministry

KMG Consultation is dedicated to supporting healthy ministry by providing quality mental health services that are tailored to the needs of ministers, religious communities, dioceses, and training programs.

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A life of ministry is a rewarding and demanding call. Those in ministry are often asked to give of themselves in extraordinary ways. They accompany others at the most joyous and most difficult points in their lives. There are always more needs than any one person can meet.

To live this life in a healthy and sustainable way, individuals in ministry must pay close attention to meeting their own needs. They require ongoing support so their ministry does not deplete them but rather comes from an abundance of energy.

If ministers neglect their own needs they can experience chronic stress, and may develop unhealthy coping habits, affecting those around them. If ministers attend to their own needs and work in a sustainable, life-giving way, they in turn have a positive effect on their community, staff, and congregation.

KMG Consultation recognizes that those in ministry need support and encouragement in developing and maintaining healthy self-care practices and sustaining support networks. We provide high quality services that promote life-giving ministry. We offer a variety of services to meet the needs of dioceses, communities, leadership teams, parishes, training programs, and individuals in ministry.